Monday, January 18, 2010


Today our daughter went in to have new tubes put in her ears and to have her adenoids removed.  The poor thing has had trouble with her speech and is very hard to understand.  We met with the school district speech pathologist and had her evaluated, and luckily that day she decided to talk really bad so she qualified for speech help and they also suggested a hearing test.  The appointment was already made to see the ENT, so that wasn't a big deal.  While at the ENT they said that both of her tubes were out and wanted to check for fluid, which was present behind the ear drum.  She had just had an ear infection in November and was on two treatments of the heavy duty antibiotics so the Dr suggested getting new tubes put in and possibly removing the adenoids.  We think she has probably had fluid in her ears for a long time which is why she is so difficult to understand, we are hoping the surgery clears up all of her ear problems.

We had to get to the Same Day Surgery Center at 6:45 this morning.  So we woke her up about 6:20 grabbed her blanket and stuffed bunny and we were off.  She had surgery about 7:30 and we were home by about 9.  She was such a trooper, all happy going in, not as happy leaving.  She really hated having the IV in her wrist, and the small needle mark really made her upset.  She decided her mitten was the best thing to make it feel better!  We go back to the ENT in two weeks for a hearing test and to make sure the tubes are in the correct spot. I had to run to the store to get her perscription filled and by the time I got home she was running around playing with her brother and cousins.

Please pray that this solves the ear infection issues and that her speech greatly improves.  She appears to be having a speedy recovery!


the Coffee Devotee said...

Gr. & Gr. M. will be praying, that's for sure! Thanks so much for including the pictures, so we can see what the situation at the Dr. That is neat! I'm glad that's taken care of, & I'm sure it will get better! Kenzie will be fun. Roger never even talked at all till he was 4, so no worries. Now, he makes up for it, you know! stay warm. Love, Helen

the Coffee Devotee said...

"Kenzie will be FINE! (didn't mean fun,FINE! sorry bout that!)"

Swanson Family said...

Oh my goodness. I hope that this fixings things for her. it sounds like you have a great team at school and with the Drs to make the decisions and get her the help she needs. my prayers and thoughts are with you all.

I can't wait to hear an update.