Sunday, January 24, 2010

Alien Encounter

Yesterday we came across Aliens, they were very friendly and civilized.  Now you are probably thinking what are you talking about Aliens don't exist!  Well the Aliens weren't real that we saw, they were at a eating establishment called Space Aliens in Albertville, MN. 

The kids love the place, think Chuckie Cheese with grown up food, and no mechanical scary creatures doing shows!  The food is pretty good, they have HUGE baked potatoes that you can get with different kids of toppings, wraps, ribs and the fries come in cool cone shaped holders with different kinds of dips (I had already gobbled up my fries before I thought of  taking a picture).

The kids (ok so did we) had a blast playing the different arcade games and we ended up winning 202 tickets, which ended up being enough for each kid to get a toy for 100 tickets each.

We highly recommend making the drive to Albertville to check out Space Aliens, and remember the Outlet Mall is in Albertville also, so you can do some shopping at the sametime!

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