Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearts a Plenty Valentine's Day Garland

I found a really cute heart garland on the Little Birdie Secrets blog and thought I want to make that!  It said to go to your local scrapbook store and use the die cut machines to make the hearts.  The thought of going into our Archivers store was a little intimidating to me as I am so not a Scrapbooker, I just don't really care for it, I think it can look really nice but it's just not my thing (sorry all of you Scrapbookers out there!).  So today I worked up enough courage to go to the store and give it a try.  I bought my felt over the weekend at the fabric store, so I stuck it in my purse and made my way to Archivers.  I bought a couple sheets of paper at the store (since you are supposed to use their paper in order to use the die cut machines), and went back to the die cut machines.  I actually had a good time using the die cut machines, it didn't cut the best on the felt so I had to cut some when I got home.  I had all of my hearts cut in under an hour, which I could of finished much faster if there wasn't other people using the same heart patterns that I was using.  I also did some shamrocks and Easter themed ones so that I don't have to go back (although I don't think I did enough of them).  I modified my garland by using Velcro instead of sewing the hearts to the ribbon so that I can easily (I am hoping anyway) switch it with the changing seasons/holidays.

I am really happy with how it turned out, and impressed that I actually did it.  Now if I finish what I have in mind with the paper that I had to buy, I'll post it if I gets completed!

Happy Crafting!


shawnajb said...

Amanda, Way to get your craft on! That is SO cute for Valentine's Day!!

Little Birdie Secrets said...

Yea! It is darling. Smart thinking with cutting out all those shamrocks. Why didn't I think of that. Thanks for sharing!

the Coffee Devotee said...

I love your Valentine's Garland! Enjoy!