Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I would like everyone to know that I (ok my Dad) have finished painting all of the rooms in my house!  We have lived in the house for about 4.5 years and the laundry room was the last room with the flat white paint on the walls.  The washer and dryer have been sold and the room was somewhat cleared out so it was time to give it a nice new coat of paint.  I great Dad was off of work this week so he graciously offered to come up and paint the room for us.  The walls are now a "Silver Tinsel" color and we painted the coat rack black instead of white.  We carried up the storage unit from the basement with hopes that the kids will use it to store their shoes, hats, mittens etc in them.  I love how it turned out and it feels so much nicer to walk into the house with it finished.  Now just to put up some decorations to hide the washer hook-up and maybe a lamp.  I'm sure it will be filled up very quickly!

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Helen said...

Wow! Does that ever look nice! What a difference it makes to paint the unit black and add the cubbies! I love it!