Monday, May 3, 2010

Lake Minnetonka 1/2 Marathon

Yesterday I ran the Lake Minnetonka 1/2 Marathon!  That is 13.1 miles for those of you not sure how far a 1/2 marathon is, and yes I ran the entire way (ok, I walked during the water stops, otherwise you wear your water instead of drinking it), and no I'm not crazy.  The day was a perfect day nice and sunny and not terribly cold or hot.  I set a new PR with a time of 2 hours and 13 minutes and 36 seconds.  I started out probably too fast and the course was pretty hilly, but I am extremely happy with my time!  I have a couple races this month and then my next 1/2 marathon is the Minneapolis Marathon on June 6th, only 33 days away.

After the race with my awesome finisher metal and post race snacks!

Celebrating Mom's good run!

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Swanson Family said...

is Jason running with you? what is he up to while you are busy doing the runs? hopefully still running on that treadmill! :)

GREAT job. very envious!