Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green Thumb

I love to garden!  I love to go outside on a daily basis to see what plants have come up and how much they have grown since the last time I checked on it.  I don't really love to eat what I grow, so luckily I have friends who graciously eat everything I grow!

Today I went to Shady Acres to buy some tomatoes and peppers.  I love going out there, and they have really pretty gardens that you can explore (although it is still too early to be able to view their flowers).  We ended up buying a pack of Salsa Mix Tomatoes, Amish Paste, Jalapeño, Thai Hot peppers and Sweet Potato. When we got home my daughter helped me get everything right into the garden!

Lets hope my green thumb can keep them all alive!

Wait for me Mom!

My Daughter and her Sweet Potato Plant

I hope she has a green thumb like me

Checking on the Rhubard

All planted

How does your garden grow?

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