Monday, March 1, 2010

Walk with my Friend

Today is a beautiful day in Minnesota, the sun is shining and it feels warm out.  If you are not from MN or someplace cold you probably won't understand this, but the temperature is 34 out and it feels warm!  It's amazing how you become used to freezing cold weather and anything about 30 feels warm.  Here is what my phone says about the nice day.

I decided to take my four legged best friend out for a walk to help enjoy the day while my youngest is in preschool.  Here are some shots from my camera phone.  Can you feel feel the warm sunshine and the calm peacefulness that we embraced during our walk?  It made me want spring here much sooner!  Let's hope Mother Nature will keep the temps above freezing longer.

Can you see the smile on his face!  I think he was in doggie heaven running and splashing in the puddles and snow.

Wet puppy prints....means only 1 thing....

I think he is no longer in doggie heaven.....

Have a Wonderful Day!

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the Coffee Devotee said...

Good old Kirby. Yes, I see the smile! I saw some grass in your picture beside the road. That clear sidewalk sure looks good.