Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tiger Cub

On Monday our son earned his Tiger Cub badge for Cub Scouts.  He worked throughout the school year doing different achievements that all help him to earn this award.  The Pack had a special awards ceremony called the Arrow of Light, which is when a Cub Scout becomes a Boy Scout (after 5th grade I believe).  The first badge the boys need to achieve is called the Bobcat and then they work to earn their Tiger badge.  I think the boys really enjoyed the ceremony.

The Tigers had their face painted to represent different parts of Cub Scouts (I don't remember what each color meant)

Getting the Tiger Badge, our Son got the Badge and we got a pin.  Both get a award since a parent/chaperone must participate in order to achieve all of the requirements.

Moving up the Arrow of Light ladder, going from a Bobcat to a Tiger.

Tiger Badge.  Gotta love a boy in uniform!

Showing off their awards!

During the ceremony, she actually at pretty well during the hour and a half ceremony.  Like the band aid accessory on her forehead!  Small little bump needed a band aid.  The larger injury on under her bangs didn't require one.  Crazy girl!

Next year he will work towards his Wolf badge.

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