Thursday, March 25, 2010

Magnetic Board

This past weekend we once again got our craft on!  I saw on another blog that a person created a magnetic board and thought that would be perfect for our mud room.  My little trooper and I headed to the fabric store to find a fun piece of material that would add color to the room, which I think we succeeded at!  After stopping by the Dollar General and Goodwill, we made our way to the hardware store.  I headed to the duct work area and found sheet metal and then stopped by the magnets to make sure they liked each other and then grabbed a piece of MDF, oh and we also grabbed a container of liquid nails.  Now the project would wait till my husband could help.

My board is about 24x36, the size of the sheet metal.  I did find smaller sheets also, or you could cut to the size you want.  I also found sheet metal in another section other than the duct work area and it was WAY more expensive, not sure why.

Materials Needed:
  • Sheet Metal
  • Fabric (I got 1 yd and it fit perfect, didn't have to cut it)
  • Plywood to fit the sheet metal
  • liquid nails
  • staple gun and staples
  • frame or wood to make a frame

First cut the plywood or MDF (it happened to be a little cheaper and I wasnt going to buy a full size board of plywood with my little trooper along, I don't think she would help much with getting it in the van!)  I was able to get a board that was pretty close to the same size but it still needed to be trimed with the table saw.

Second glue the board and the sheet metal together, we used liquid nails.  Liquid Nails was found in the glue section at the hardware store.  This will give it some strength, since the sheet metal isn't very thick.

Once dried iron your fabric and staple it to the board.  We started at one side, then did the opposite side.  Then folded in the corners and did the other sides.

My husband is very handy so he was able to create the frame for me, and I spray painted it black.  I did look at the Goodwill for a cool old frame that I could use, but they didn't have any.  So you could recycle a frame if you have one or can find one.

Once you have it all together hang it up, step back and admire your work!

Close up of the fabric I picked out.

The frame.

Complete with works of art displayed!

I have to admit this ended up costing more than I thought it would.  I am very happy with the results so I don't mind the expense.

Have a great day!

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