Tuesday, March 30, 2010

MN Children's Museum

Today I took the kids to the MN Children's Museum.  They currently have a dinosaur exhibit and my son LOVES dinosaurs at the moment.  He can name tons of them, way more than I can remember.  When we left he told me he liked the MN Science Museum better, I think because they have more dinosaurs at that one.  I also had the joy of climbing into the ant hill maze to help rescue my daughter, she was afraid to go any further.
Enjoy the pictures!

The rare two headed turtle!

Get ready for the Dinosaur test, the answers are at the bottom.  I had to have my son help me with which ones they were!





How many dinosaurs could you name?
1. Edmontosaurus 2. T-Rex 3. Troodon 4. Triceratops 5. Pachycephalosaurus

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Wayne said...

I got Triceritops.