Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Macy's Family Tradition

Today we went to Macy's in downtown Minneapolis to see the holiday exhibit.  Every year they decorate the 8th floor in a holiday theme.  This year is The Day in the Life of an Elf, it is so incredible to see, the detail is amazing and the kids love seeing all of the different scenes.  I remember going when I was little, so it's a fun tradition to take our kids to.

Here are the kids at the first portion of the exhibit, the really enjoyed looking at everything!  This year Mackenzie could finally enjoy it also, and not be stuck in the stroller.

Look at the detail!  A lot of the elves are moving.  One of the sections had a mouse that would crawl into a hole, Mackenzie really liked the mechanical puppy that was wagging his tail.

This elf was a little scary looking!

Here is a picture of the other favorite family tradition.  Grandpa buys the kids a cookie from the elf bake shop.  I think it is Grandpa's favorite part of the the trip also!

All the grandkids with their cookies.  The cookies are huge!  Let the sugar rush begin!

Happy Holidays, and enjoy your family traditions!

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