Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

I love Black Friday,  or the day after Thanksgiving!  I spend Thanksgiving looking at the store advertisements, figuring out where to go and who has the best deals.  This year was no different than previous years, well maybe the amount that I spent was different but I still woke up early (4am) and joined the shopping frenzy!  I only went to two stores which the shopping part was very fast, it was the waiting in line to purchase the good deals that took forever.  I waited in line probably 45 minutes at Kohl's and about the same at Best Buy.  I can't wait for Monday when my Best Buy purchases are delivered!  I'll post my purchase then!

Here is my view at Kohl's and this was after I had made the corner to the final stretch, I of course had the annoying people behind me that thought it was a good idea to wear headphones and still talk to one another really loudly!  I guess they haven't learned that little secret yet=-)

Enjoy the Holiday Shopping Madness!  I'm off to more stores!

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