Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The BIG 7

This past weekend we celebrated my son's 7th Birthday with his friends.  He had been wanting a Chuck-E-Cheese Birthday party for the past several years and I was able to talk him out of it, well this year was the year I couldn't talk him out of it.

 He was so excited about the party, counting down the days since we booked the party!  He had 7 of his buddies from the neighborhood and school show up and they had a blast!  They all got about 40 tokens to use in the games to win tickets for prizes which made it almost the first hour.  Then came pizza, a little show with Chuck E. Cheese coming out to see the kids and then brownies (my son doesn't like cake but loves his brownies!), gift opening and then the kids were off to play some more.

My son also got to go into the Ticket Blaster which was hilarious!  It blew tickets into the air and he had to try and catch as many as he could.  The worker said he grabbed 700 (but I think they give all the Birthday kids that many) so he picked out the gum ball machine for his prize.  Over all it was a great party, the kids had a blast and so did the adults!  I was worried it was going to be very chaotic which it was a little but not too bad!

He blew out the candles before anyone noticed, they lady even came over to light them again and he blew them out as soon as the last one was lit!

He got a Birthday crown and medal

There was absolutely no fun at this party!  They are such boys!

Someone was NOT a fan of Chuck E Cheese, she is hiding under the table!

I would recommend everyone (or at least all little boys) have a Chuck E. Cheese party once in their life!

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Jessica {The Novice Chef} said...

How adorable! Looks like he had a fabulous birthday!