Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Everyone says time flies and it truly does when you have kids! Ryan celebrated his 6th birthday yesterday August 4th, ok we have been celebrating his birthday for a while now since his birthday party with his friends was on the 31st. I think he had a great 6th birthday. We went to Pump It Up with 22 of his friends and the jumped, ran, slide of a lot of energy. We had his favorite brownies instead of cake and then topped it off with a pizza party for the neighbor kids at our house.

Yesterday we celebrated by going to Perkins for Perky Bear Pancakes, then he had VBS and then did a scavenger hunt to find his present (I broke down and finally got him a light saber). Today Grandma and Grandpa Melquist come up to watch the kids so it will be another party for him and then Sunday another party with Grandma and Nana Sharp!

Happy Birthday Ry-Guy, we love you and you have truly blessed us!

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