Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Memories

This past weekend was full of play and work. Saturday we went to the MN Zoo. The kids had fun seeing all of the animals. Mackenzie fully enjoyed it this year. I think this year she actually new that they were animals and hallored and pointed to the different ones she saw. She is currently a fan of Cows, but wouldn't touch the cow. Ryan got to milk a goat and brought home a suvenoir snake.

Sunday was the work day of the weekend. Our deck railing was in need of restaining, so that is what we accomplished. The deck looks so much better now that it is done and hopefully we wont have to do it again for atleast 5 years=-) Ryan and Mackenzie stained my planters as well as themselves. Many tears were shed by Mackenzie that morning, luckily Nana and Grandpa stopped by to entertain the kids in the afternoon.

Monday my friend Dee came up to visit us. We had another good day. We decided to use our free passes to go to Canterbury Downs to see the horse races. Dee had never been to the races so it was a good trip. The kids did somewhat okay, next time we'll walk around more in between races. We didn't beat any money, but we each picked our horse to win and Jason picked 4 out of 5 correct....I guess he should of put some money down!

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