Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Spring is officially here! We had a great time Saturday grilling burgers on the grill with our neighbors. We hired a plumber to connect the house gas line to the grill so we dont have to worry about running out of gas. It works great! Ryan had a birthday party to go to Saturday also and had a blast at Pump It Up helping his friends celebrate.

I am still using the treadmill and decided to run another marathon. I am signed up to run the inaugural Minneapolis Marathon which is May 31. This week my long run is 14 miles, I am hoping the weather is nice so that I can get outside, so far it has all been on the treadmill. I ran in my first 10 mile race on March 14 called the 100% Irish for a Day. I finished in 1 hour 43 minutes, which I am pretty happy with since it was my first one.

Jason is trying to train for the Lake Minnetonka 1/2 marathon which is May 3. I am also running the race. He is currently on a once a week training run program=-) although he was able to make it 7 miles on Saturday!

Mackenzie is developing her own personality and is becoming a major talker. She went from hardly any words to non stop talking. She is also working on potty training which we can't wait for her to conquer!

Ryan is having a fun time in kindergarten and was selected to be in a advanced math class. I guess he gets that from his dad! He still loves to play with his Legos and do arts and crafts. This summer he wants to do a art camp and a adventure camp at the Community Center.

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