Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Melquist Biggest Loser

Last week we got a new toy, a treadmill! In honor of the new treadmill and the need to make sure we use the treadmill Jason and I are competing in the Melquist Biggest Loser. Not only do we want to lose a couple pounds (some of us have more pounds to lose), but we also are getting ready to run the Lake Minnetonka 1/2 marathon in May. May the biggest loser win!

Jason carrying the treadmill downstairs. It weighs about 300 pounds, why take it apart when you can try and hurt yourself??

Jason putting it together

Trying it out for the first time.

The sign of a true runner....running in slippers! Who needs running shoes anyway!

1 comment:

Swanson Family said...

Okay, you TWO do not need to lose any weight! you TWO are silly!

it does look like a nice machine though, but seriosuly... i'd give my right arm to be in the same weight category with you guys...