Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This week Mackenzie turns 2 and I turn 31! I can't believe that she is two years old already (and that I am 31), time sure went by fast. She is a active little girl and loves to play with Ryan's toys. She is discovering her love of dolls. She got a stroller this weekend for Christmas from the Melquist's and loves pushing her babies around the house. She also had a good time being pushed around the house in it by her cousins, she would point where she wanted to go, it was pretty cute. She also loves shoes, she decides which pair she wants to wear, which sometimes aren't even her own. I am going to make a purse cake for her Birthday, hopefully it turns out!

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Swanson Family said...

2 already. WOW! Time flies! Happy Birthday to your sweet little girl!