Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sunny Day Shark Attack

Yesterday I came into Ryan's room and found him sitting on his bed with his shark goggles on. He said "I had to put these on because it was too bright in here", referring to the fact that I had opened the blinds to wake him up for school.

It was beautiful outside yesterday so I packed Mackenzie in the Baby Bjorn and took Ryan out to ride his bike around the coul-de-sac. We managed to make it around 1 lap before he fell and scrapped his eye. Luckily the tears weren't falling for long, thanks to his friends Nathan and Avery coming out also. Ryan and Avery managed to find a nice huge puddle to splash in that was behind a snow bank that we weren't able to see. Both kids were soaking wet when we came in. I'm not sure if his boots will ever dry out!

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